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This page shows the status of the videxio network. This is work in progress. We try to maintain it and use it as a notification tool for our partners. In the mean time, while the processes are defined, treat this site as beta.

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Past Incidents
Feb 17, 2018

No incidents reported today.

Feb 16, 2018

No incidents reported.

Feb 15, 2018

No incidents reported.

Feb 14, 2018

No incidents reported.

Feb 13, 2018

No incidents reported.

Feb 12, 2018

No incidents reported.

Feb 11, 2018

No incidents reported.

Feb 10, 2018

No incidents reported.

Feb 9, 2018

No incidents reported.

Feb 8, 2018
Resolved - The Operations team has fixed the issue with user account activation links.

No further issues have been observed or reported and all systems are operational at this time.
Feb 8, 09:15 UTC
Investigating - The Operations has found an issue with the user account activation and is currently working on a fix.

Symptom: activating new accounts or resetting user passwords shows "Invalid invitation" message in the account activation page.
Feb 8, 07:38 UTC
Feb 7, 2018

No incidents reported.

Feb 6, 2018
Resolved - The MyPages services for the APAC region have been returned to normal operation; all traffic has been routed back to optimal paths.
Feb 6, 20:38 UTC
Identified - MyPages users in the APAC region may have experienced a service interruption due to an unplanned event by our service provider for the region.

Videxio has temporarily rerouted APAC MyPages services to MyPages resources in the Americas and EMEA until service is restored and verified by Videxio Operations.
Feb 6, 17:10 UTC
Resolved - After heavily monitoring throughout the European business day. No further issues have been observed or reported and all systems in EMEA are operational at this time.
Feb 6, 19:49 UTC
Monitoring - Our network provider for the region has completed their emergency maintenance and has begun moving traffic off of backup links.

We will continue to heavily monitor connections through Central Europe during peak hours on Tuesday, 6 Feb.
Feb 6, 00:13 UTC
Identified - Videxio has been in close communication with our network provider for the area.

At this time calls within or through Central Europe are considered stable, customers may continue to see very low levels of packet loss.

Our network provider for this region has temporarily moved traffic to backup links until off hours for the region tonight when they will perform emergency maintenance replacing some hardware components.

Once the emergency maintenance is complete and the replacement components have been qualified; traffic will be moved back to primary links. At this time Videxio will move this incident into a monitoring state while we monitor the serviceability to ensure packet loss and latency return to normal operating levels.
Feb 5, 14:52 UTC
Investigating - A new incident of Service Network instability is now being observed in the EMEA Theatre which has a noticeable impact on the subscribers' traffic.

Symptoms of the new incident: elevated values of packet loss, failure to complete some calls, device registration instability, and degraded quality of the calls in progress.

The Videxio Operations team has contacted the ISP, who immediately started working on this new incident.
Feb 5, 09:45 UTC
Update - Another incident of Service Network instability was observed in the EMEA Theatre which may have had a noticeable impact to subscriber traffic. Symptoms may have included dropped calls, failure to complete calls, device registration instability, and degraded quality of completed calls.

Videxio Operations contacted its Network Service Provider to report the instability, and the Service Provider stabilized traffic by re-routing traffic to bypass an identified infrastructure device suspected of causing the instability.

Videxio Operations is continuing to monitor this situation and is working closely with the Network Service Provider in this region.

Time of incident Start: 10:30 UTC
Time of Incident End: 11:05 UTC
Feb 2, 16:55 UTC
Monitoring - The Videxio ISP has followed up with their DC vendor on the issue. As of 09:56 UTC the connectivity has been observed as stable and as of 10:18 UTC confirmed stability over the backup route also by the ISP.

The Operations team continues to monitor the network closely.
Feb 1, 11:31 UTC
Investigating - The Operations team has been notified by the ISP about issues with their primary path in one of our PoPs in Central Europe.

The perception of the issues is with a degraded quality since 08:30 UTC and affects calls made from or to Central Europe.
Feb 1, 08:46 UTC
Feb 5, 2018
Completed - The scheduled maintenance has been completed.
Feb 5, 00:00 UTC
In progress - Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. We will provide updates as necessary.
Feb 3, 05:00 UTC
Scheduled - The DevOps team will be performing global maintenance to edge components of the service network to enhance off-net calling.

Calls completely within the Videxio service network will not be affected. Calls with off-net participants may be momentarily interrupted; if a call is interrupted the off-net participants may re-dial immediately and they will be reconnected.

To provide the smallest service interruption possible we will monitor each POP to perform the maintenance when there is the lowest volume of calls during the maintenance window.
Feb 2, 13:40 UTC
Feb 4, 2018

No incidents reported.